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Energizer 2

Energizer Max Alkaline Battery E93BP2 C Size - 2 Pack Camera Battery Charger Price

From Energizer
Rs. 150
  • Energizer Recharge Batteries are the reusable power you can depend on.
  • Provide more power by being able to be charged up to 250 more times.
  • Great for use in your household devices, such as digital cameras, toys, remote controls, flashlights and portable audio players.
  • Energizer Rechargeable Batteries, Nickle Metal Hydride,
  • Contains AA two pack NIMH Batteries of 1500 mah Pre Charged, Ready to USE
  • These are universal batteries - can be used with other brand existing chargers as well.
  • Energizer 2 is available for 150 Rupees on Flipkart. This price is vaild for all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
  • The latest price of Energizer 2 was retrieved on 30th November 2020.

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