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Generic 4

Generic(unbranded )4-channel relay control board module with optocoupler, 4 way relay module for arduino Price

From Generic
Rs. 470
  • Size: 75mm (length) x 55mm (W) x 19.3mm (height); Weight: 58g;
  • PCB Color: Blue; board four weeks with four screw holes, hole diameter 3.1mm, easy to install and fixed;
  • Relay selection of quality loose music relays, SPDT. A common terminal, a normally open, one normally closed terminal; optocoupler isolation, good anti-jamming;
  • Low pull, high release. Energisation status indicator light, release status LED is off; VCC for the system power, JD_VCC for the relay power. Default hair 5V relay, plug the jumper cap to;
  • Relay Maximum output: DC 30V/10A, AC 250V/10A
  • Generic 4 is available for 470 Rupees on Amazon India. This price is vaild for all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
  • The latest price of Generic 4 was retrieved on 16th February 2020.

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