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TechtoneMagnetics 1pc

1pc Green Magnetic Field Viewing Film 5cm x 5cm Price

From TechtoneMagnetics
Rs. 448
  • Green Magnetic Field Viewing Flexible Film Used to reveal the location and number of poles on a permanent magnet.
  • Dimension : 5cm x 5cm (Approximate Size : +/-1mm), Single Micro-encapsulated film
  • How To Use : Position the film on top of any magnet to discover where its magnetic poles are located and how many poles it has.The area between magnetic poles is indicated by a light green area, while the poles themselves appear dark green.
  • Can identify how the magnet is magnetized and where the magnetic poles are located on the magnet.(It will not identify North or South Pole)
  • TechtoneMagnetics 1pc is available for 448 Rupees on Amazon India. This price is vaild for all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
  • The latest price of TechtoneMagnetics 1pc was retrieved on 23rd February 2020.

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